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Current Projects

WiFi SD Netowrk Tester
Simple network analysis tool based on Transcend WiFi SD Card
skills: Custom Kernel Images, Python, Ruby, Bash, ARM5L, KeyASIC Ka2000, Linux Cross Compilation
RPi Netowrk Tester
Something nice that you can connect to a GSM, Ethernet or WiFi Network and gathers information on the connected devices and additionally can gather packets and work as a MITM device, etc...
skills: Ruby, Bash, ARM7, Linux Cross Compilation
Android WiFi Autologin
Provides Autologin for all types of free wifi services, can also use network identification to login with existing information additionally can also collect, create and submit new types of logins for future DB Updates
skills: Java, HTML, SQLite3

var work_in_progress = [
        title:   "WiFi SD Netowrk Tester",
        info:    "Simple network analysis tool based on Transcend WiFi SD Card",
        skills:  ['Custom Kernel Images', 'Python', 'Ruby', 'Bash', 'ARM5L', 'KeyASIC Ka2000', 
                  'Linux Cross Compilation'],
        current: false, 
        title:   "RPi Netowrk Tester",
        info:    "WiFi, GSM and Ethernet Network analysis tool",
        skills:  ['Ruby', 'Bash', 'ARM7', 'Linux Cross Compilation'],
        current: false
        title:   "Android WiFi Autologin",
        info:    "Autologin for all types of WiFi networks. - curl was easier",
        skills:  ['Java', 'HTML', 'SQLite3'],
        current: false

function getCurrentProjects() {
    var current = [];
    for(i in work_in_progress) {
        if(work_in_progress[i].current === true) current.push(work_in_progress[i]);
    return current;



2009 -
IT Consultant
Aerospace Simulation Engineer, Information Security Engineer, Project Support, Programming, Software Automation, System Administration.
2006 - 2009
IT Systems Administrator
System Administrator, Network Management.
2005 -
Small Systems Management and Support
Linux Administration, Network Administration.

started_at = [

job_positions = [
    'IT Consultant',
    'IT Systems Administrator',
    'Small Systems Management and Support'

working_as = [
    'Aerospace Simulation Engineer, Programmer, System Automation, Information Security Engineer.',
    'System Administrator, Network Management.',
    'Linux Administration, Network Administration.'

zip(started_at, job_positions, working_as)


Current Projects

Secondary Education, contd.
2009 Robert Koch Schule, Germany
Secondary education
2001 Vanalinna Haridus Kollegium, Estonia
Got into Software and Hardware world
2000 Spent a few weekends taking computers apart and messing around with scripting languages; Tallin, Estonia

    <course year="2000" trainer="intertubes">
               Spent a few weekends taking computers apart and messing around with scripting languages

    <school start="2001" end="2009" loc="Germany">REDACTED</schools>
    <school start="1995" end="2001" loc="Estonia">Vanalinna Haridus Kollegium</schools>



Munich, Germany

class Contact {
    public  $email = "";

    protected $address = array(
        "street"  => NULL,
        "city"    => "Munich",
        "country" => "Germany"

    public $links = array(

    public function send_message($subject, $message) {
        mail($this->email, $subject, $message);

$foo = new Contact;
$foo->send_message('Job offer', 'Come, invent with us!');